Ultimate 15-Bar Zhoutu Pro Coffee Machine: Make Every Sip More Rewarding


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Ultimate 15-Bar Zhoutu Pro Coffee Machine: Make Every Sip More Rewarding

Zhoutu Pro Coffee Machine offers the best flavor in coffee that you can get. It’s brand new technology combines ease-of-use, minimalist beauty, and unrivalled quality to create the perfect cup every time.

For even more simplicity and personalization, your recipe can be assembled directly into your cup. If you want a few ideas to get you started, you can always find inspiration in the recipe leaflet the machine comes with. And so that you can spend your time crafting, not cleaning, the milk frother is easily detachable and dishwasher proof. To play the part while still looking good in any kitchen, Zhoutu Pro Coffee Machine has a slim, modern shape and brushed stainless-steel finishes. For a coffee that works for you.
Zhoutu Pro Coffee Machine produced Latte
With Pro Coffee Machine, Zhoutu has delivered its most compact machine yet – without any compromise on taste. Offering 2 programmable cup sizes, the Pro Coffee Machine creates perfect coffee just the way you like it. Choose from 2 distinctive colors to fit your style and space.
Make it, shape it, stir it to your will. With Zhoutu Pro Coffee Machine, you are the craftsman of your own recipe. The machine is your personal workbench, with a technology that allows you to froth any type of milk, from cow to almond, to soy… Enabling you to make any recipe, whether you prefer espressos, lattes or even flat whites. Click on the link below to find out more!
Pro Coffee Machine offers exceptional convenience, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of many excellent coffee and milk recipes at the simple touch of a button.
Zhoutu Pro Coffee Machine offers a 304 stainless steel steamer tube for deluxe milk froth.

Never underestimate the importance of being properly caffeinated. Since coffee contains caffeine, this popular beverage can help people feel less tired, increase energy levels, burn fat by jump-starting the body’s metabolism, and improve productivity and brain function—including memory, mood, reaction times, and general mental function.
Entry-level flat bottom-funnel. Enjoy the entry-level joviality!
Espresso coffee cups set of two (80 ml) View collection, unique design, and made of glass and 2 stainless zero plates. Dishwasher safe.
15 bar high-pressure extraction each aromatic drop, spilled quickly. 15 bar of canned steam, steam, and roast the coffee powder quickly, extract the deep essence and cream of the coffee powder.
Double funnel design with skills training from an early age to the firm competition. Zhoutu’s Pro Coffee Machine includes a cup of coffee powder funnel and two cups of coffee powder for your personal enjoyment at home.
Pro Coffee Machine enables you to occasionally indulge yourself with top-quality Espressos, Cappuccinos, and Latte Macchiatos in the comfort of your home.

Pro Coffee Machine is equipped with a new and innovative fresh milk system that takes simplicity to the next level when preparing your favorite coffee and milk drinks. Just fill the milk jug with the amount of milk you want for your drink. The machine will froth it directly into your cup and brew your coffee for a perfect coffee and milk drink.

The cleaning process is also very simple as the milk jug is dishwasher safe.

More affordable and compact than its predecessors, this convenient one-touch milk machine fits perfectly in any kitchen.

Large 1.5-liter capacity removable water tank included in the Pro Coffee Machine. It allows you to store enough cascade of water once at a time to make more cups of coffee, meaning that it is not necessary to add water repeatedly and is more convenient for both you and whomever else wants to drink a cup of coffee.

Package: 1 * coffee machine 1 * instructions 1 * support for the coffee filter-free gift (1 or 2 cups) 1 * coffee spoon and a bag of coffee as a free gift.

Additional information

Weight4.7 kg
Dimensions36.0 × 29.0 × 37.0 cm

Blanco, Gris claro



Tipo de enchufe


Power (W)


Housing Material


Voltage (V)

220-240V 50hz

Model Number


Cup preheating


Water tank capacity




Brand Name





Espresso Coffee Maker

Automatic stop


Pump pressure

15 bar

Capacity (Cup)

5-10 cups

Cord length



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